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"I started coming to this studio because I've been suffering from a hip flexor strain. The hips and hamstring class is where I started. However, due to a cancer diagnosis that created spinal problems, I didn't think yoga was a possibility for me. I found a great deal of strength each and every day even on the days when class seemed impossible. I really appreciate this challenge for my future."
-Denise Bradford
"I learned that there is a huge difference between doing yoga daily and doing it 3-4 times a week. I see the difference in how I feel, in building a sense of community, and in my body both looking better and feeling stronger and more agile."
-Meredith Deaver
"The intensity of practice required by the challenge allowed me to identify areas where I had not been practicing proper alignment. I found the challenge to be a deeply humbling experience, teaching me to notice where I was doing things wrong, and when to take things more slowly. You really learn to listen to what your body needs and to practice ahimsa not just with others, but, first, with yourself!"
-Yogis Anonymous
"My biggest takeaway from the 30 Day Challenge is that doing yoga everyday was body changing and soul changing. I felt better, slept better, was stronger physically and mentally. I felt more apart of the community seeing the same faces and getting to know new friends. I was able to deepen my poses and finally accomplished a head stand."
-Maureen Thomas
"Commitment is key - committing yourself to practicing consistently, committing yourself to notice the benefits of your practice, committing yourself to be conscious of your breathing, committing yourself to achieving your fullest expression of the posture, etc! I could go on for days :) Loved it and I'm happy to say I'm now a Class Pass convert - goodbye CP, hello, TPY!"
-Ashley Hudson
"During the challenge, I met new people and became more connected to the community at Thunderbolt.  I also grew physically stronger in my yoga practice."
-Maggie Birgel
"In the 30 Day Challenge, Keep going working towards your goal, even if you get discouraged and want to quit!  The feeling of accomplishment is worth it!"
-Cassi Gentle
"I love the sense of peace that I get from doing yoga at Thunderbolt. I love that I can see and feel myself getting stronger. If I can't do a pose, I know it's ok because one day, if I keep trying I will be able to do it. I am overall a happier person because of yoga. It helps me have more patience with my 4 young children. I love that at Thunderbolt two classes are never exactly the same."
-Shannon Francois
"I gained Inner strength, outer strength, a better sense of self and better love for my body."
-Nia Witt

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