You are ready now!! This training is about more than teaching a yoga class, it’s about - how to live an authentic life, inspire your students and communities, and how to lead both on and off your mat. Get the hands-on experience, necessary tools, and develop the confidence needed to teach a dynamic and challenging Power Vinyasa Yoga class with Carly Grace Power Yoga RYS 200.
Teacher Training Summer 2019 dates to come..

Thunderbolt Power Yoga Teacher Training (TPY YTT) is for new and experienced practitioners alike. TPY YTT will bring you in touch with your "best self," fine-tune your leadership skills, provide a strong foundation of technical knowledge, and equip you with the tools you need to become a powerful teacher. TPY YTT will forever connect you with the Thunderbolt Power Yoga Community, and more importantly yourself.


The aim of TPY YTT is to create confident and inspiring teachers and leaders. You will receive rigorous training in poses and the physicality of yoga from both an anatomical and alignment based perspective. Our instructors will teach you through practice, demonstration, and hands-on:   TPY YTT is lead by teachers who maintain a high-level physical practice as individuals. Before Training is complete you will be able to identify your strengths, apply them to your teaching approach, and be able to stand up in front of a large group of yoga enthusiasts and lead the first round of "Om.” You will gain insight into assisting, not only in the average body but also in students dealing with injuries, pregnancies, and special circumstances.  At TPY, we believe that the best yoga teachers are those who connect with their students, who speak from their heart, and who are comfortable in their own skin.  Through the Carly Grace Power Yoga 200-Hour RYS, you will learn to let go of the "need for looking good" and identify with your unique strengths, first. From that place of grounded confidence, you will lead an exceptional class.

We invite you to invest in yourself and into others, to study and learn about the practice of yoga, and to ultimately lead your very own yoga class.

Our Fall 2017 200 RYT program spans the course of one month in our home city of Atlanta! We will provide 2 one-week intensives to get you in your yoga zone and ready to teach.


Tuition: $3,500*

Pricing Includes:

  • Two One-Week Intensives 
  • Online coursework and homework between training sessions
  • Training Manual
  • Yoga Alliance registered 200hr Program
  • Unlimited yoga within Yoga Teacher Training Dates.
  • Security Deposit


Payment for Yoga Teacher Training is due in full before May 15th; inquire for payment plans charlotte@thunderboltpoweryoga.com


Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga
Asana - Alignment, Modifications, and Assists
Becoming a Powerful Leader- Both on and Off the Mat
Being of Service
Philosophy & Ethics of Yoga
Diet, Ayurveda, & Yogic Lifestyle
Meditation, Pranayama, & Self-Study
The Business of Yoga
Practice Teaching and Apprenticeship


In filling out an application, you will be required to pay a one-time $50 application fee. Once you are accepted into the training you will be asked for a $500 deposit to reserve your spot. This $500 is applied to your total payment. Neither the application fee nor deposit are refundable or transferable.


 Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds for Yoga Teacher Training. Should you need to cancel, your investment can be used for a later training.

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Thunderbolt Power Yoga Teacher Certification Program Application
200 Hour YA RYS Carly Grace Power Yoga School



Cassie Ratliff at Thunderbolt Power Yoga
Cassie Ratliff
"Thunderbolt Power Yoga Yoga Teacher Training was a really amazing experience for me and positively affected me in countless ways. Above all else, I loved building relationships with the other trainees and the teachers. TPY was already my yoga home before the training started, but the community grew even larger and more meaningful with the dedicated training. Today I feel more confident in my personal yoga practice, and I feel equipped with the knowledge to be a strong yoga teacher. I am inspired to continue my education around the world of yoga which involves learning more about myself as well as expanding my understanding of the practice, its history, and its application. Yoga is truly a part of my everyday and my soul after completing the training and something that I plan to make a priority in my life ongoing. I am also really excited to teach more and share my yoga with others because I know how special it is to me when others share their yoga practice and inspiration with me."
Laura Bjorkholm at Thunderbolt Power Yoga
Laura Bjorkholm
"I enjoyed all of the aspects of the training. I thought the books/written material were chosen well, and the instruction top notch. I also really enjoyed the group of trainees. It was a lot of work, but well worth the time and effort required."
Alana Buffington at Thunderbolt Power Yoga
Alana Buffington
"My biggest accomplishment from YTT was learning how to be kind to myself and allow days of strength as well as days of rest. I finally understood it's okay to get messy.. be weird.. be imperfect, the less perfect the better. It's great to be strong and graceful but it's better to be authentic to yourself and accept your limits as an individual. I loved my experience through YTT and hope to continue to grow my practice in years to come."
Alex Kostyshen at Thunderbolt Power Yoga
Alex Kostyshen
"I loved training. I have never been so grateful for any other experience. I can not even put into words what this training experience has done for me."
Stacey Leebern at Thunderbolt Power Yoga
Stacey Leebern
"I did Carly Grace’s TPY teacher training because I wanted to further my knowledge, and really educate myself in the practice and understanding of the broad world of yoga. To say I was beyond happy with what I came away having learned, is an understatement. TPY teacher training was a good mix of class time, asana practice, and learning to teach a yoga class-TPY style! It was a positive, uplifting and empowering experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to teach yoga, or to just broaden your knowledge and understanding - of all things yoga, or just of yourself! Yes, there was time and work involved- but the reward Far surpassed anything that I gave up. Actually as I look at it, I “gave up” nothing - but I gained SO Very much:) Thank you Carly Grace, to you and theTPY team."
Penny Andrews at Thunderbolt Power Yoga
Penny Andrews
"Imagine a tightly wound ball....that was me....yoga broke me, ripped me and pulled me apart. Both physically and mentally. How do you make a muscle grow bigger and better...by breaking it down. I built my yoga muscle...at the time I didn't realize all that was happening...it was just uncomfortable and made me mad and made me hurt. When I got done looking at the mess I had become and the puddle around my mat I realized the strength I had built, the growth I had had, and the person I had become. Yoga isn't a cure all...its just a beginning...a foundation...it helped me reach parts of me that were dying and I couldn't get to. I knew they were dying and I was hurting but I didn't know how to get to them....nothing was working...so I tried yoga...It touched parts of me I hadn't seen in years, I felt things that still are taking time to dissect and look at...but I broke open...and now I am figuring out...with the pain, beauty and discipline of yoga...what I want this life to look like as I put it back together. I am not building back what I had with my life...I tore that old me apart with yoga....I am building what I want this new life to look like. Building is a mess before the beauty....I am still a mess...but I see the beauty of my new beginnings....and yes....it ALL started with YOGA and my teacher training."