Grow as a Teacher, Grow Inward, Grow Together

Program Description

The Thunderbolt Power Yoga Mentorship Program is open to 200 RYT graduates from any Yoga School registered with Yoga Alliance. Build a connection with senior-teacher mentors, develop a keen understanding for sequencing and immersive training in hands-on assists. Build your skill-set as a teacher by allowing the guidance of our team to highlight your strengths and identify opportunities for growth within the structure of a 12 week program.

Overview and Requirements

There are three major elements of the TPY Mentorship Program

1. Practice assisting a real class. Once per week team-up with your mentor. Get a pre-class brief on what to expect, then work together to assist their class.

2. Take a class and discuss technicalities. Once per week take your mentor's class, after the class discuss and analyze the elements of the flow. Why did the teacher sequence the way he or she did, what was the theme, what questions do you have?

3. Teach a community class x 3! Once per month you will teach and your mentor will take your class and give you feedback. The classes you lead will be community classes, open for the public to attend.

Meet Our Mentors

Each of our mentors is a full-time yoga teacher. This is a technical skill-set, an art-form, and an endeavor that can become career-track. You will be assigned to one of these yogis who will be your mentor through-out the 12-week program. They will help you learn to assist with greater finesse, will help you understand sequencing in relation to both the physical body and spiritual themes and will provide feedback for you when you teach your community class. 

We work as a whole and integrated team but this approach will allow you to build a one-on-one partnership of learning and communication.

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