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Shantel Khleif at Thunderbolt Power Yoga
"On another note, I can't wait to try to convince you to open up a location near Ponce City Market. Core Power Yoga has nothing on those cold lavender towels and the upbeat directions from your instructors. Missing TPY terribly living down here."
-Shantel Khleif
"Love coming here. Discovered you guys through class pass! One of my favorite yoga studios!"
"Absolutely love the vibe of this place!! Y'all have made me fall in love with yoga -- a practice I never thought I'd be interested in! Joined after trying on class pass -- hands down best yoga studio in ATL!!!!"
“Thank you for creating this wonderful place that allowed me to LOVE yoga.”
-Shooting Star 2016 Judy Berk
Rebekah Hagins Cole at Thunderbolt Power Yoga
“I get to a certain point in my practice where I hit my edge: I start to lose my breath & my mind starts to scream, "It's too hot! It's too hard! I can't! This is too much!" And I stop. The fear grabs hold & I back, I run away from the edge. Carly Grace saw me do this today (she always seems to see me when I do this in her class) & she grabbed me by the hand & ran with me right back to the edge... & over! And I'm sure it was the ugliest, wobbliest, most desperate wheel in the world, but it felt like I was flying. This is what it is to be #perfectlyimperfect . And this is what it is to have a teacher who is dedicated to her practice & her students. To know who needs what & when. She leads, she guides, she supports, & she loves. A wise, old yogi in a bubbly, young body."
-Rebekah Hagins Cole
"Love this studio. So glad I've found a yoga home!"
-Tim Lam
"I'm new to the studio & have truly enjoyed my experience so far. All the teachers have been fantastic, the classes are the perfect challenge & the youthful vibe that embodies the studio makes for much needed break from the hustle & bustle of the outside world-thank you!"
"Thunderbolt is the best part of my day!! So great to see Happy smiling facing when I walk in!"