Teacher Reading Series - Carly Grace: "I made my life and arrow..."

Most often I hear those unfamiliar with yoga say, I am not flexible, I can't do yoga. What I hear is, yoga is unfamiliar to me; thus, I am scared. What are we really afraid of? What is really the obstacle holding us back? The resistance may vary a bit from person to person; ultimately, those of you whom are here have at some point experienced some level of resistance & you've decided to show up- to be seen. In allowing yourselves to unravel on your mat, to be seen in a yoga room amongst unfamiliar faces and bodies, you have begun the journey of loving yourself fully and wholly. I share with you a poem today by Erin Hanson,


Let go of the need to have everything perfect. Show up in yoga, show up in life. Be seen. Love. Fully.

Take your yoga, your practice, your love, off of the mat & share it with the world.

In all things you do, Be Love.



Sam Galway