Teacher Reading Series - Carlina: "There is wisdom in sadness..."

“There is wisdom in sadness, truth in sorrow. Cheerfulness is lovely, like a spring blossom. But winter brings its own revelation. If there is one thing I've learned from the practice of yoga, it's not to run from pain. Your pain is your greatest teacher. The cracks in your “cheerfulness filter” set on your life are actually your greatest asset. Sorrow brings earnestness, longing, justice, and compassion. Doubt can lead you to humility, true self-confidence, and even a return to innocence. There is beauty and grace in sadness. Like the elegance of rain, periods of apparent suffering are often important times of growth, resetting your inner clock to a time-zone closer to your spiritual home. If you are suffering right now, don't run and don't give up. Instead, dig in, dive deeply down, and just experience it, get comfortable with it. Make friends with your tears and let them be your teacher. Let the search for meaning guide to you a new spiritual lesson and see the truth revealed through your trials and tribulations. It's there, hiding in the fragility of a raindrop and in the perfection of a snowflake, the hidden meaning of it all, so simple and yet totally complex, perfectly whole and yet glimmering in a thousand little pieces of love.”
- Kino McGregor