Teacher Reading Series - Carlina: Love is what is left...

“Love is what is left when you let go of the things you love. Letting go is closely linked to the idea that we have to shed things that "no longer serve us." In yoga the idea of non-attachment only just begins by allowing negative associations and relationships to dissolve. If that is the beginning of the path, then what is the end? The end is to relinquish all attachments to all things, including those you love. We are so much more than physical beings. As your practice strengthens, your breath slows and your mind quiets. Beyond distractions and pain, there is love. Not the physical love of romance, the familiarity of friends, the steadfastness of parental love; each of us has the ability to go beyond and into a love so big it touches everyone and everything at once, without being limited to any one person or thing - pure, infinite, world-changing love. And so we practice, we sit and take space and time, we let go of that which no longer serves us and also the things that do. We practice so that our love can be bigger, stronger, less selfish and more impactful. Because in the end, but also right now, the people and things we love are all just things - physical things, and not love itself. Love is what is left when you let go of all the things you love. “  
- Carlina Muglia