Yoga Teacher

Maggie joined the Thunderbolt Power Yoga front desk staff in January 2106 and began teaching in April 2017, after graduating Carly Grace Power Yoga School’s 200-Hour Training. A longtime TPY member, Maggie began practicing at Thunderbolt in September 2015.

As a teacher, Maggie is inspired by witnessing her students become fully present in the studio, connecting with themselves and their community. Her favorite thing about teaching yoga is that there will always be more to learn. Yoga reminds her that life is not about achieving results, but being present in the journey.

Like many of our Thunderbolt’s staff, above anything else, it’s community that draws Maggie to the studio. Ask Maggie what she loves most about TPY, and she’d tell you it’s walking into the studio before class and hearing the room buzz with conversation and laughter. She loves the fact that TPY students know each other names, and linger after class to catch up we each other.

A Warren, Penn. native, Maggie graduated from Davidson College in 2014 and moved to Atlanta in 2015. She now lives in Inman Park with her cat, Nimra. When not working or practicing at Thunderbolt, Maggie enjoys acting in and attending local theatre productions, cooking and listening to NPR. Keep up with Maggie on Instagram and Spotify - @maggiebirgel - and in the studio throughout the week.

MAGGIE is currently not instructing any classes.