Yoga Teacher

As an aspiring Doctor, I have dedicated my life to being a student and helping others, and that is exactly what yoga allows me to continue to do. While in an overwhelmingly stressful Master’s program at Georgetown University, a friend mentioned that a new yoga studio had just opened up and that we should try a class just to see if maybe it could help us relax. One class and I was hooked.

That year and the one that followed were truly roller coaster rides. Working 3 jobs, trying to get into medical school, and adapting to life as an adult left me feeling defeated and depleted. When I found Thunderbolt Power Yoga, I knew that I had found my happy place, my release, my sense of ease. I had always wondered about teacher training as a means of achieving personal growth, and so in January of 2015, I decided to stop overanalyzing, stop fighting it, and just go for it. Throughout the experience, I shocked myself with what was possible in my personal transformation, in my love for myself, and my love for teaching. I embraced this new found love and never looked back.

Yoga has allowed me to release stress, have fun, build strength, and learn to LET GO. I believe that life is all about finding balance between work and play and when not on my mat, you can find me studying (obviously), traveling, and consuming all of the sushi, matcha, and champagne that I can get. I strive to spread love and light in everything I do, and have endless love and gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing Thunderbolt community. Follow Alyssa on Instagram @therealbadassyla Spotify:lyssblum


ALYSSA ERIN is currently not instructing any classes.