Heated Power Flow

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Charlotte Kilbourn

“Be Brave. Be Weird. Be Unequivocally You.”

Charlotte received her RYT 200 through Konalani Yoga Ashram, Hawaii in 2012.

As a self-proclaimed "non-athlete" who shied away from sports and gym class, I was surprised to find myself so drawn to yoga after my first lass. I was eighteen, awkward, and highly uncoordinated, but yoga offered me two valuable gifts --- permission to have a sense of gracefulness, and permission to forgive myself when I momentarily lose that grace; permission to be balanced and to fall. But school, friends, and life got in the way. After a very inconsistent home practice throughout college, I stopped doing yoga altogether during my early twenties. I lost my way, felt directionless. I would have denied it at the time, but I was falling into a deep state of depression. I was still getting up every day, going to work, paying my bills, but without a sense of purpose, I was simply going through the motions. I was surviving instead of living, and I felt incredibly alone.
Then little by little I found my way. I found a studio, rediscovered my practice, and although neither one was close to perfect, they felt like home to me. So after over a year of regular studio practice, I began to research teacher trainings and was drawn to a month-long immersion at an ashram in Hawaii. With the support and encouragement of friends, I took the plunge, got accepted into the training, and headed to Konalni Yoga Ashram in February of 2012. Training was intense, eye-opening, and a definite reality check that teaching would be much more challenging than I had originally thought. It is unsurprising, then, that I struggled so much as a new teacher back in Atlanta.
I put teaching on an indefinite hold and became a deeply committed student. My practice was stronger and more well-rounded than ever, and I also discovered and tapped into the lively and colorful acro yoga scene in town. But something was still missing.
And like clockwork, the invitation to teach at a brand-new, not-yet-open Thunderbolt seemed to fall into my lap. My ego, the small and scared version of myself, wanted to badly to say "No." But my true, curious self said "Just try." All I had to do was try. So I did, and I felt new, green, unsure. Then I remember something a teacher said to me right before I left for training -- "You don't learn to be a teacher during your training, you learn to become a teacher by teaching." So I kept going. And my quiet voice got louder, my nerves got smaller, and I started to actually feel like a teacher. And I never looked back. I gave "Yes" a shot, I said "More please" to new opportunities, to more classes.
Now I am starting a new chapter, opening the door to teaching full-time. I am trying to keep my eyes open, my mind receptive. I am finding and honoring my boundaries. I am looking for balance, on my mat and off. I want to be fully for my studio and my students when I am working, and fully for my loving boyfriend Luke and our two wonderful, sweet dachshunds, Olive and Blinkin, when I am at home. I am striving to improve, to never stop learning, but also to stay immersed in each moment, to be right where I am (even if I mess up!)
I hope to always have the heart and soul of a student. I like to make life more colorful and adventurous, for myself and for those around me. I want to share my gifts with the world and help others do the same.
And I don't know where this journey will take me next, but I am certainly loving the ride...almost as much as I love puppies!!

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Carly Grace Hinchman
"Be Audaciously Playful"
Carly Grace, Owner Director, Thunderbolt Power Yoga. Carly Grace teaches Thunderbolt Power Yoga and has completed her 200-hour YA Certification with Dana Flynn of Laughing Lotus, Baptiste Level 1 and Art of Assisting with Baron Baptiste, and is currently pursuing her 500 Hour YA Certification with Laughing Lotus Love Skool. Yoga Alliance 200 E-RYT, Carly has studied and practiced with many influencers and teachers all over the United States. Carly Grace is committed to helping students be audaciously playful in their practices. Thunderbolt Power Yoga exists to foster community, give space for authenticity, and to allow both students and teachers to come alive in their own bodies and practices. Join Carly Grace in her Yoga Teacher Training, Live Authentically. Play Audaciously. Inspire Greatly–– offered through RYS Carly Grace Power Yoga School.
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Caitlin Griffey
"Take all the healing and peaceful energy with you out into the world."

Caitlin Griffey was born and raised in Baltimore, MD where she began dancing at the age of 7 and was accepted into Baltimore School for the Arts as a ballet major. She deferred college for a year to pursue her ballet career and moved to Charleston, SC where she danced professionally with Charleston Ballet Theater. The following year she attended the prestigious Indiana University Jacobs School of Music under scholarship and moved to Bloomington, Indiana. Over the course of 4 years at IU, Caitlin had the privilege of working closely with esteemed dancers and choreographers such as Violette Verdy, John Clifford, Julie Kent, and Suzanne Pilare. After graduation she moved back to Baltimore for a year and danced and taught for the Baltimore Ballet where she broke her foot and experienced her first major injury. She went through a lot of physical therapy and made the decision to put ballet to the side and pursue life as a "normal" human being. She decided to move to Atlanta, GA in 2009 to be closer to her older sister and began taking classes to apply for grad school for physical therapy. As life and work got in the way she hated her desk job for 4 years and the only love she found was through her yoga practice where she began her cerfication at red hot yoga in 2014 and the rest is history. Reflecting back on her dancing days, she realized why it was so much apart of her being, because that was where she truely felt she could escape the troubles of her life and really come alive was through movement. She loved everything about it, the precision to detail, the technique and it was the only place for her where things made sense where she could let go of all the chatter and connect with her being. This kind of moving meditation and the transition into life as a yoga instructor could not have been a more natural and obvious movement of her life. She has been on staff at Thunderbolt Power Yoga since its opening and continues to grow and learn along with her students and is excited to continue on to her 500hr training this year. In her spare time, Caitlin enjoys reading, cooking and spending time with her cats.
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Leticia Lopez

"No rain, no rainbow"

Leticia received her RYT 200 through Red Hot Yoga Studio.

"Originally from Venezuela I met Yoga almost 8 yrs ago, when I moved to Atlanta, and fell in love with the mind and body connection I found the very first day I walked into a hot room and fell off a Tree Pose. I have developed my yoga practice along these years here in Atlanta completing 500hr Yoga Teacher Certification at Red Hot Yoga and training with several world recognized teachers such as Meghan Currie, Bryan Kest, Missy White, David Regelin and Taylor Harkenss.

Preceding my yoga journey I earned an MBA and I've enjoyed successful corporate business career for more than 12 years but is Yoga what brings true fulfillment to my live through self-discovery, awareness, self-acceptance and compassion. My main goal while teaching is to spread the yoga goodness encouraging students not to focus only on the work-out but on the work-in, to let go and be fully present to explore their full potential.

Yoga is my lifestyle but I also do a bunch of other stuffs, I runs Marathons and I'm ACA Paddle Yoga Certified and Pilates instructor, so my teaching style combines athletic and challenging flow with a gentle and reenergizing practice. As an achiever (very type A) I like to excel, so you join me on the mat let's set boundaries but not limits, you will feel stronger, energized, relaxed and centered. "Bring it OM", is my mantra and my favorite words of wisdom are: "Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you can’t have rainbow without a little rain”

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Alex Kostyshen
"Be Raw"
I am a Canadian who moved to Atlanta as a child and had always know the green lawns of our Johns Creek suburbs to be my home. I moved to Buckhead two years ago, and that is where yoga entered my life. At first my only drive was the asana, the practice of improving poses and discovering the many exciting arm balances I could delicately weave into my practice. My cheerleading past sparked, and I was able to reignite the old flame of constantly working to a new move.
Although I had been consistently practicing yoga, my spiritual journey was not even close to starting. Not yet opening my heart, I often tuned out the readings and did not accept the intentions or messages that were being offered. Not until I struggled with emotional turmoil was I even ready to take on a deeper level of practice. One day in class, I heard about teacher training and my mom encouraged me to take on the opportunity, so she would know where I was on the weekends. I went into the training apprehensively and not fully aware of what was lying ahead. During our first week, we explored the emotional levels I did not expect. Eventually, I timidly embraced the spiritual remedies yoga granted and happily discovered that yoga was waiting for me with open arms. Over the training period, I overcame many inner demons and found the true solace in my once ignored readings and intentions.
My mat has now transformed into a physical and emotional outlet for me. Teaching is a true passion of mine, and I look forward to planning out a message for my classes and setting up a jamming playlist usually containing at least one Drake song. In this hour I teach, I feel I can share and express what I discover through my constant spiritual journey.
Yoga is not my only outlet. I also enjoy art which has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I explore multiple mediums, but the two closest to my heart are painting and film photography. I have discovered that self expression can be present in any form, and I am thrilled to embrace new aspects of life with the open heart yoga has given me.
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Elizabeth Beggs

“Sprinkle Kindness"

Elizabeth received her RYT 200 through Red Hot Yoga in 2014, and has continued her education at both Thunderbolt Power Yoga & Pavones Yoga Center, Costa Rica.

Yoga Junkie, Dog Lover & Food fanatic. I am a former real estate paralegal who decided to trade in my heels for barefeet. Yoga gave me the freedom to be myself. I used to be a gymnast & dancer so when I found yoga it brought me back to all the things I loved as a kid. I remember the quote "If you ever lose site of your passion, revert back to what you loved most when you were a child." Those words really hit home for me & I decided to live my life to the fullest. I discovered through both my faith & time on my mat that I could let go of things in the past that I'd held on to. Yoga healed the internal pain I experienced & truly gave me the strength to express my full authenticity. I think my biggest take aways from the practice of yoga include being humble, authentic, kind, grateful. My passion lives in inspiring others to bring all of these qualities into their lives. There's so much more to this beautiful practice than the physical asana...it can transform your soul in away that gives you infinite freedom. Who wouldn't want to share that with the world?

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Cassie Ratliff
"Be bold. Insist on happiness. Be your top priority."
After graduating from college in 2009, I dove into my career headfirst and didn't really come up for air until the spring of 2015. After being laid off from a job, I decided to take some time off work and just do me for a while. I got enough sleep, read, cooked, traveled, hiked a lot with my dog (my best friend in the world), and started taking care of myself in a way I never had before.

I'd done yoga on and off for 6 years prior, but after I stopped working, I found Thunderbolt and started doing yoga more days than not, which quickly turned into every day. In combination with the other healthy lifestyle changes I was making, I felt better - mentally, physically, emotionally - than I had in a long time.

I decided to get my RYT-200 certification as soon as the opportunity presented itself, and I graduated in May 2016. I wanted to further my personal practice and share my journey with others as well as have the amazing opportunity to learn from them.

After taking that wonderful year off, I have now been back in the corporate world for 5 months. While I enjoy the challenges of my career, I am pursuing it with more balance this go 'round. My daily yoga practice provides me the foundation and motivation to be my best version of me each and every day, and being able to teach yoga allows me to share the powerful, positive energy of this beautiful practice with a group of people seeking the same serenity that I am.

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Yoga Alliance RYT 168970


Laura Bjorkholm
"Let your heart dance in the realm of pure possibility"

Laura received her 200 RYT from Carly Grace Power Yoga RYS, 2016. 
"I am a perpetually curious person, and a student of life. I love learning new things and meeting new people (despite the fact that I am very much an introvert). I tend to be serious and book-ish by nature, and yoga gives me a space where I can set that all aside and just “be”. On my mat, I turn off my mind, and find joy in simply moving.

After sixteen years of practicing yoga, I felt inspired to take TPY Teacher Training to deepen my own practice with no expectation that I might one day teach. As training progressed, I found myself drawn to the possibility of teaching in order to give back some small measure of the gifts my teachers have given me over the years. As a teacher, I hope that I am able to share what I find beautiful about yoga with others.

I am lucky to have the staunch support of my husband, John, our two sons, Johnny and Nate, and our dog, Buddy."

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Joanna Stecker Wilson
"Keep searching out what makes you happy"
Joanna received her 200 RYT through Carly Grace Power Yoga RYS, 2016. 
"The discovery of my love for mindful movement came much later. I had always done what I thought necessary to stay fit but had never developed any deeper connection than that. Even once I began to study and teach Pilates and kettlebell classes, exercise still occupied a place in my life similar to taking vitamins or flossing. Something that I just did to support the other aspects of my life.

Then my husband and I spent four months hiking up the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to New Jersey. The stillness of mind that I found in the midst of the day to day grind of backpacking was truly my first authentic experience of meditation. Losing myself in the rhythm of it, absorbing the natural beauty all around me, gave me a taste of a spiritual connection that I craved more and more of.

Once we returned to what most would call normal life, I needed a means of fostering and evolving that connection. And the way that presented itself to me was yoga. The combination of movement, breath and sweat allowed me to let go and be right there, on the mat and in that moment. After a few years of developing my personal practice, I decided to merge a love and a gift. My love of yoga as expression through movement and my gift of being able to help others find joy through their own creative assertions.

Now that I have completed my yoga teacher certification at Thunderbolt, I am confident in my path and sure of my place on it. My creativity continues to flourish and my yoga practice blesses me with a peace that keeps the rest of my crazy life in perspective. My hope is that as I walk this path, I help the yogis who move with me to be strong, connected, happy and creatively expressed."

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Joanna Stecker

Yoga Alliance RYT 199993

Set to a rocking playlist, our Signature Heated Power Flow allows you to connect breath to rhythm, and beat to body.  Class is a blend of alignment and fluidity, all classes are set to 85-90 degrees, and are open to all levels. 
Class full? We have walk-in spaces available, so come on in!

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  • Thu Apr 27 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm with CAITLIN GRIFFEY
  • Thu Apr 27 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm with ELIZABETH BEGGS
  • Thu Apr 27 7:15 pm - 8:15 pm with CAITLIN GRIFFEY
  • Fri Apr 28 9:30 am - 10:30 am with CHARLOTTE KILBOURN