Spirit-Heated Power Flow

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Lynn Perry 
“Thank you so much for being a part of our amazing community of yogis!”
I’m a Georgia native who spent most of her life pursuing a corporate career. Growing up in Gwinnett, I imagined my future self as a busy traveling business person so that’s what I became after an undergrad at UGA and a few years later a master’s degree at Georgia Tech (for the record… when it comes to sports… go Dawgs!). My corporate years have been focused on leadership of tech sales and digital marketing teams for cloud software startups and now Sage, a large British software company.

My career and my family defined me until around 2012 when I began to transform my occasional yoga practice into a journey of deep inquiry, asana, community and lots of sweat! I began to study the deeper and centuries old reason for stepping on to our mats and why we hold our poses, why we focus on deep breath in and out. What followed was personal growth fueled by inner tapas that burned away layers of distortion to reveal innate awareness and connection that fully changed my life off the mat.

When Thunderbolt Power Yoga opened in Buckhead and eventually had the first teacher training early 2015 I took the teaching plunge! I never saw myself as a yoga teacher, that seemed like too lofty of a goal for the person I thought I was. But through our close and extended teaching community I opened up and developed a love for the journey of teaching that transformed me for good. My heart is now consistently full with gratitude for our community and the peacefulness that this journey has brought to my life.

When I’m not practicing yoga or working at an office, you can find me out with Winston, my 13 year old terrier mix, or spending time with friends and family around the city I love. Or if I’m lucky I could be boarding a plane, yoga mat in hand, to someplace I’ve never been as world travel is my passion!

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Carlina Muglia
"Connect To Your Spirit"
Carlina received her 200 RYT through Black Swan Yoga, Austin, TX.  
Whether you're my family, friend or student chances are one element of our relationship is going to be work. Action is my love language. I'm also highly rational, so work resonates, more often than not, as play to me. "How can I do this more efficiently?" In my mind that's like solving a puzzle. It's fun. It took until my early-twenties for me to recognize and accept that part of my personality. During that era in my life I spent a good deal of time alone, reflecting and deep breathing. It wasn't intentionally yoga. I had never taken a yoga class and was not curious to do so. I was content with my involvement in Crossfit and the physical transformation that I was undergoing as a result of that discipline. That period of reflection and introspection did lead to a couple of very important self-discoveries that put me on the path of yoga. 1) I am inherently a peaceful, peace-loving person 2) My tendency toward inner peace is most apparent when I am undergoing challenges and I have to work harder to maintain.

While I'm peaceful, my rationality makes me pragmatic. Eventually, I found yoga and in yoga I recognized a through-line of pragmatism. The things that we do are not to get a hot body or as an escape from reality. In yoga, form follows function and the functionality of yoga is to use our bodies as a tool of expressing love and peace more aptly. My life has been full of trying times. In my younger years I was not up to the challenge. My body was subject to my emotions and to influences from the outside world. Even Crossfit only helped a small degree to mediate the tendency a fiery, rational person like me has to react and judge instead of being mindful and considerate. Yoga has helped me tremendously, however. Yoga reinforced my practices of spending enough time alone to focus on breathing and learning about myself. It further developed the mind-body connection I started to develop through Crossfit but added a spiritual component that I had spent most of my life purposefully avoiding.

All that's pretty heavy but I wouldn't be being true to myself if I weren't honest about the fact that I take yoga very seriously as an extension of a life wherein I am driven to be as good to myself and those around me as I can be - no matter how sparse or ample the material means in my possession. If I am spiritually grounded and physically capable, I'm going to work hard to love the people in my life. On a lighter note, my interests outside of yoga are being a mother to my wonderful son, Vorian. Hanging out with my partner Matt and our families in Virginia. I love to read. Of all the books in the entire world Frank Herbert's Dune and the resulting expanded series written by Herbert's son are a continued source of inspiration and have majorly impacted my world-view. I love to laugh. I prefer witty humor instead of mean jokes but memes are the ultimate form of humor in my opinion. I love to dance, cook, eat delicious food (paleo or vegetarian please) pet dogs, play outside and occasionally dabble in pursuits such as photography and working on my car. But let's be real, if you know me you know I have yoga on my mind all the time.

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Alana Buffington
"Get Messy In The Process"
Alana received her RYT 200 through Carly Grace Power Yoga RYS, 2016. 
Alana is an Atlanta native, who found Yoga during her time living in NYC. Having been a ballet dancer since the age of 5 she decided to retire the ballet shoes and found herself falling in love with the freedom that yoga provided. In the spring of 2016, she completed her 200-HR training through the Carly Grace Power Yoga School in Atlanta, GA. In her spare time you can find her snapping pix all around ATL, patio sitting & margarita sipping with her husband & pomeranian Bear and traveling the world with her best friend. Alana promises to get you out of your head and into your flow each and every class!
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Thunderbolt Spirit Flow is a spin on our traditional Thunderbolt Power Flow. The alignment principles will be key to the flow, more time will be spent in the rejuvenation portion of the class, and space to move with more intention will be created. Yoga philosophy is offered for application to life's daily challenges. This comprehensive class will feed your heart and soul with spiritual music and empowering words. 

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