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Why Not Now?

If one of our goals is to draw students from all across the country, then why not start to build that audience right now? We have a powerful and unique way of teaching at Thunderbolt Power Yoga that can and should span beyond the scope of Atlanta. While other studios are spending tens - hundreds of thousands of dollars on brick and mortar studios and hoping for a return on investment of a couple hundred solid members - we can build a membership of thousands or more, make passive income, and reach everyone in Atlanta and all over the world.

What if the video below was a sizzler for an online version of Fundamentals of Flying instead of a dance video?



Cost Breakdown

Each of following constitutes roughly a day of shooting:

TPY Flow (1 hr) shoot, sound and edit (x4)  - $1000
TPY Pose Breakdowns (5-10 minutes each) shoot, sound and edit (x10) $1000 
Workshops (1.5 hrs) shoot, sound and edit (x2) $1000 

Teacher Stories are a more complex style of shooting which is harder to lock down into one day for scheduling purposes.

Teacher Story (5-10 minutes) interview with teacher + b roll of them flowing. shoot, sound and edit (x5) $1000


An example one way to move forward:
Combine TPY Flow and TPY Pose Breakdown to create 2 All Level Flows (one each from Carly and Carlina) and 2 Advanced Flows (one each from Carly and Carlina). Use the TPY Pose Breakdowns to give extra instruction or techniques related to the poses in the All Levels and Advanced Flows.

In order to keep pricing at this rate, we would need to schedule shoot days in the manner indicated above under each type of shoot. For example, when we want to shoot a Workshop, we should have two planned so that it is a whole day of shooting. Instead of knocking out one Teacher Story at a time, its more efficient to plan for 5.

Other Opportunities

Narrative Work such as the dance video above, the "Equinox" video
Client Interviews/Testimonials
Record Audio/Video of YTT

Free Yoga
Stock Photo/Videos