TPY Video - Engaging Interviews, Beautiful Narrative, Effective Ads


At Thunderbolt Power Yoga we have yogis both amongst our teaching staff and amidst our clientele that have beautiful and compelling stories. Using video we can show and tell these stories to an audience that is as far-reaching as the internet. Like the Sanctuary Video (right), we can tell our teachers' stories of how they found yoga and why its important to their lives by showing their movement in the studio and in more intimate environments (favorite park, home, W Hotel).

Our shooting stars and clients who have important stories to tell can do so much in the way that Matt has done below for Passion City Church and Advocate Health Care (Chicago, IL).
A rock climber and his sacred space


Breast Cancer Survivor
Sex Trafficking Survivor
Breast Cancer Survivor

National Ad Campaigns

Matt has worked with national and international brands such as Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (Above) and Robert Mondavi. We can work together to bring the Thunderbolt Power Yoga brand to life through video.

Useful Ways to Incorporate Interview and Narrative Video Work:
Teacher Stories
Shooting Star Interviews
Carly Grace and Carlina talking about Yoga Teacher Training
Carlina and Senior Teachers Talking about Mentor Program
Testimonials from Yoga Teacher Training Graduates
Intro Videos for Each Teacher's Video Channel...
Robert Mondavi Private Selection


Soulful Narrative

Just as in a flow, pictures and even video miss the point without the ability to connect to the intended audience on an emotional and spiritual level. So let's tell some beautiful, emotionally appealing stories. Let's be vulnerable and share a bit of our souls.
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