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Beyond Banana Back


So you caught some hangtime and felt the sensation of floating. That's fantastic! The first few moments of inverting in a handstand are an unrivaled experience. But then what? Almost without fail, the un-coached handstand begins to take the shape of a backbend i.e. "the banana-back handstand." This happens for a few main reasons:

1) Lack of awareness in the pelvis
2) Lack of openness in the shoulders
3) Compensation in the lumbar spine for lack of engagement elsewhere

In my practice I have been a culprit and therefor a great example of what not to do. But I did my utmost to seek out and train under people who are masterful in their handstand abilities. Luckily at Thunderbolt Power Yoga, Carly Grace is not only masterful in her own practice but has a distinct talent for teaching as well. One of my most recent “Aha!” moments came to me while taking Carly’s Fundamental of Flying Workshop in early Fall 2016. The way she described the breath was different than I heard it described previously. Sure enough it has greatly impacted the ease with which I navigate into handstands, hold handstands in good position, and even play with leg variations. The proof is in the pictures though - as you can see there is a clear banana back going on in both of the top pictures. With time, consistent effort, and consistent willingness to humble myself and start fresh, I’m happy to note a big shift in the line between my hands, shoulders, hips and feet. Come take class with Carly or me for more cues, tips and assists into the realm of flight. Or, for in-depth coaching take Fundamentals of Flying this January 30th from 2-3:30pm. See you in the #yogastorm

Carly Grace

Teacher Reading Series - Carly Grace: "I made my life and arrow..."

Most often I hear those unfamiliar with yoga say, I am not flexible, I can't do yoga. What I hear is, yoga is unfamiliar to me; thus, I am scared. What are we really afraid of? What is really the obstacle holding us back? The resistance may vary a bit from person to person; ultimately, those of you whom are here have at some point experienced some level of resistance & you've decided to show up- to be seen. In allowing yourselves to unravel on your mat, to be seen in a yoga room amongst unfamiliar faces and bodies, you have begun the journey of loving yourself fully and wholly.


Teacher Reading Series - Caitlin Griffey: What are the stories you tell yourself?

What are the stories you tell yourself? Like actually write them down. You know how if you say a word over and over and over again it starts to sound weird and not real anymore? Do this with your stories. Repeat them over and over and over until they sound batshit insane. Because, after all, they are. You are not the crap you tell yourself. Rewrite your story. Say sayonara to the garbage and begin to flood your mind with the truth. YOU are amazing. You are a miracle. You deserve happiness, love, and success. Then repeat that over and over and over until it starts to stick. Every time one of those bullshit stories comes into your mind, actively try to replace it with this new truth. This is called PRATIPAKSHA BHaVaNAM and it comes from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Whenever a negative thought comes into mind, try to replace it with a positive one. This isn't to say you should live your life through rose colored glasses. This practice of pratipaksha bhavanam serves to help you escape damaging, unnecessary thoughts that hold you back from your purpose. I guarantee your purpose in life is not to sit in front of a mirror and cry about the shape of your body or beat yourself up about failing a test in school. You'll never discover your purpose by living in a negative space in your head. So try it. Dig deep and pull out those nasty thoughts that weigh you down. Begin the process of separating yourself from these thoughts. Figure out what makes you awesome. What drives you. What motivates you and what gives you a sense of purpose. Write that down. Remember that. And in those moments where you find yourself stuck on a loop of self doubt or self hatred, brush ya self off, take a deep breath, and remind yourself what a badass motherfucker you are!


Teacher Reading Series - Alana Buffington: "The purpose of this glorious life..."

“The purpose of this glorious life is not simply to endure it, but to soar, stumble and flourish as you learn to fall in love with existence. We were born to live my dear, not merely exist.”
- Becca Lee


Teacher Reading Series - Alana Buffington: "There's no use looking back..."

“There is no use looking back at yesterday. I am no longer the person I was back then. Every morning when the sun rises, I am a changed person. Changed by the experiences I’ve had, the lessons I’ve learned, and the love I’ve received. It’s time to move forward and embrace the life that I’ve been given, be grateful for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me, and start living a life of passion. There will always be ups and downs, good times and bad, losses and gains. LIfe is about learning lessons, showing love in the process and growing in the beautiful souls we are meant to become. Don’t let yesterday rob you of your happiness today. Every time the sun rises, it’s a new opportunity to make your life the best of your life. Enjoy every moment. “


Teacher Reading Series - Alana Buffington: "If there's one thing..."

“If there’s one thing that I may tell you
Let it be: You are your home,
Your body is the only house
That you will ever truly own,
Maybe it’s got some broken windows
And there are tear-stains on the floors,
Maybe you lock the things you wish you weren’t
Behind its many doors,
But there is wisdom on its bookshelves
And a laugh to light the rooms,
There’s a vase upon the table,
Where the love you’ve grown all blooms,
Dreams sit on the mantelpiece
Next to kindness and your trust,
Where you use them all so often
They have no time to collect dust,
So please don’t look at mansions
With that envy in your eyes,
There’s more that makes a home
Than it’s appearance or it’s size,
Your body is your shelter
So you deserve to love it all,
Don’t let the world stand round outside
And tell you how to paint your walls,
How lucky that you have somewhere
To protect you from the night,
And if there’s cracks left from the past?
Well then they just let in more light.”
- 2015 Erin Hanson -


Teacher Reading Series - Carlina: "There is wisdom in sadness..."

“There is wisdom in sadness, truth in sorrow. Cheerfulness is lovely, like a spring blossom. But winter brings its own revelation. If there is one thing I've learned from the practice of yoga, it's not to run from pain. Your pain is your greatest teacher. The cracks in your “cheerfulness filter” set on your life are actually your greatest asset. Sorrow brings earnestness, longing, justice, and compassion. Doubt can lead you to humility, true self-confidence, and even a return to innocence. There is beauty and grace in sadness. Like the elegance of rain, periods of apparent suffering are often important times of growth, resetting your inner clock to a time-zone closer to your spiritual home. If you are suffering right now, don't run and don't give up. Instead, dig in, dive deeply down, and just experience it, get comfortable with it. Make friends with your tears and let them be your teacher. Let the search for meaning guide to you a new spiritual lesson and see the truth revealed through your trials and tribulations. It's there, hiding in the fragility of a raindrop and in the perfection of a snowflake, the hidden meaning of it all, so simple and yet totally complex, perfectly whole and yet glimmering in a thousand little pieces of love.”
- Kino McGregor


Teacher Reading Series - Carlina: Love is what is left...

“Love is what is left when you let go of the things you love. Letting go is closely linked to the idea that we have to shed things that "no longer serve us." In yoga the idea of non-attachment only just begins by allowing negative associations and relationships to dissolve. If that is the beginning of the path, then what is the end? The end is to relinquish all attachments to all things, including those you love. We are so much more than physical beings. As your practice strengthens, your breath slows and your mind quiets. Beyond distractions and pain, there is love. Not the physical love of romance, the familiarity of friends, the steadfastness of parental love; each of us has the ability to go beyond and into a love so big it touches everyone and everything at once, without being limited to any one person or thing - pure, infinite, world-changing love. And so we practice, we sit and take space and time, we let go of that which no longer serves us and also the things that do. We practice so that our love can be bigger, stronger, less selfish and more impactful. Because in the end, but also right now, the people and things we love are all just things - physical things, and not love itself. Love is what is left when you let go of all the things you love. “  
- Carlina Muglia

Carly Grace

Teacher Reading Series - Carly Grace: "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate..."

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others “
-Melody Beattie

Carly Grace

Teacher Reading Series - Carly Grace: Take a deep breath and connect...

"Take a deep breath and connect with the bigger picture, the bigger YOGA. If yoga is to yoke one another, what are we really showing up for? Everytime I think of this room, I think of the bigger Yoga, the be for one another, the show up in community, the sweat it out together, the leave this space a better version of myself- yoga. Unconditional love, it’s never about owing anyone anything; rather, it’s about the natural give and receive, the patience and grace that we all need and want, and the undying acceptance that each of us craves. Now, look what happens with love like that, it lights up the sky. Revel in the knowing, we are all more alike than we are different."
- Carly Grace